Each new day is an opportunity to improve yourself ...
          Take it. 
And let us help you make the most of it.

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Meet hannah...

Hannah writes “Through regular classes, Personal Training and nutritional support my body shape, strength and fitness has improved more than I had anticipated.

The real gain however has been the benefit to my mental health with my attitude to food being totally transformed which in turn has improved my general well-being. I would like to thank Patrick for my PT and nutritional support in particular, Hannah for keeping us going during lockdown and Chris for his support as well.”

Thank you Hannah! Even though you have made clear physical improvements I personally  think the biggest achievement for us has been the transformation in mental wellness. Thank you for showing that by focusing on staying strong you can be a formidable role model for your children!💪

Meet Michael...

The photos are 10 weeks apart and in this time, Michael has made massive loss of 8kg and 5 inches off his waist 😵😵😵

Michael writes “After becoming a dad I became inactive and was eating all the wrong things. I joined CrossFit Newquay after failing to keep motivated at other gyms and wanting get back into some form of functional shape. I have met some fantastic people in this gym who really helped motivate me. The coaches really made me feel part of the place from the first session. I cant wait to see what the next step brings and I am feeling mentally and physically better than I ever have done.”

Well done Michael! 👏🙌

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Meet Ben...


Ben writes “I’ve never felt this good in my whole life. I’ve never been body confident and now I am. My mental strength also feels amazing and by listening to and training under Paddy is making me learn and grow as a person. I never thought these changes to my body and health were possible. Life is amazing and I’m enjoying every moment. Thank you for your constant support and friendship #CFNforlife”

Meet Mia...


Mia has been with us for 2 years now, she recently took part in our Nutrition Challenge to change body composition and gain lean muscle mass.


Mia is a busy working mum of 2 young children. She attends our 6am classes Monday-Friday.


Her journey has been incredible and again Mia has stuck to tracking her macros with exercise she’s been on holidays and had that life balance and no restrictions.


Here’s a little from Mia ....


“05.08.17 - 20.02.19

I wasn’t going to post this but after a conversation I had this morning I realised I should in case it helps just 1 person ❤️ Making changes and just focus on each day and it all will come together eventually. Having goals to work towards helps keep me focused and motivated. It’s so much more than just looking different on the outside- self belief is finally starting to come.

I have so much to thank Hannah, Patrick & Chris at CrossFit Newquay for, getting me to where I am today- forever grateful 😘”


Mia you our inspirational to us all, this is why we do what we do!

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oly's lockdown story

“So the lockdown... what can I say. I’ve been in a gym weightlifting and never gone without lifting weights for over 12 years now so this was a massive lifestyle change for me. However what I will say is that lockdown training has been some of the most fun I’ve had and that is massively down to CFN. The daily workouts have been so varied considering equipment is minimal, and always very challenging. But what’s been exceptional is all the interaction, with constant chat in the members group it is obvious everyone wants to support each other. Every week we have had a themed quiz, nutrition talks, food sharing ideas, the odd online poker night. I have found it’s been a group for constant positive mental health and fun.

It’s also obvious to everyone that Hannah and Patrick have given 100% to there community and come up with so many ideas to include and encourage as many as possible to keep training and looking after themselves.

To reinvest into a new gym during this crazy time as well must be unheard of! And it’s given everyone even more to look forward to when we return.”

hayley's lockdown story

“Where do I start. These guys are my backbone. Not only the daily wods that they post....but also the sense of community...mental support and wellbeing and to be honest just being part of something where I know there are people that care....an ace set of buddies. My mental health has been tested to the limit during covid and motivation sometimes can be difficult to dig deep and find. I'm still on it...thanks to the coaches and crew. Never been part of something that is physically so challenging and yet mentally so endorphin releasing and therefore rewarding. Cheers guys...you are all epic.”

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Meet Beth...

After joining then having 2 more lockdowns, I was so frustrated, all I wanted to do was get in the gym and see improvements and truly see what CrossFit was all about. It was worth the wait … for 12 weeks I have committed myself and shown up 5-6 days a week. It’s not hard with a box so supportive with an amazing community. This cycle hasn’t just improved my physical fitness but it’s helped me grieve a family member, enter a new job, improve my mental health & reduce my anxiety medication all in one go and for that, there are not enough thank yous for you guys. Test week was as follows:


Back squat: +17.5kg

Front squat: +4kg

Push press: +7kg

Overhead Squat: +35kg (I started on a pipe in April. Took 3 weeks to get under an empty bar) 

Power Snatch: +15kg

Squat Snatch: +12kg (another I struggled with the bar)

Clean & Jerk: 45kg PB

Deadlift: +10kg (100 club!!!!) 


My improvements added up (excluding C&J) is 100.5kg!!


I feel the fittest I ever have. I’m so excited for the next cycle and even more so, to see where I am in summer 2022! Thank you thank you thank you CFN 🙏🖤

Meet kay...

“I am delighted to be able to tell you about my CrossFit journey with coaches Chris, Hannah, Patrick and the CFN team. If you are considering joining a gym I can certainly recommend that you find out more about CrossFit Newquay and to pop along to see what it is all about.


I think CrossFit Newquay is for everybody regardless of age or ability. I think all you need is a willingness to listen and learn and a desire to improve your fitness. Advice on nutrition, lifestyle, mental fitness and physical fitness can be part of the process if that is what you want.


A little about myself to demonstrate that CrossFit is for everyone. I am a 75 years young granny with five active, adventurous grandchildren. They love their sporting activities and active days out such as a day’s cycling. I want to be able to play a full part in these activities and to have great fun while doing so. I need to be fit to join them, my Cross fit journey has helped me achieve this.

To be honest, I had never heard of CrossFit but Chris,  who I had many personal training sessions with, encouraged me to visit the gym. I am so pleased I did!


On my very first visit to CrossFit Newquay,  I thought I had landed in a strange world filled with equipment not seen before and a language all of its own! However, the overwhelming first impression was the welcoming,  inclusive and encouraging nature of all of the gym members. Despite making every effort, I could not quite achieve the number of repetitions, or lift the same weights as my younger friends. But this did not matter, each person with help from the coaches decides what they can do and when they want to try a little bit more, one of the coaches provides the right advice and encouragement. This is one of the plus points of CrossFit Newquay.


 At CF Newquay, the group sessions are small and every session is coach led. There is also a slot in the daily timetable to visit the gym to work individually or to have a personal training session.

If you are thinking of finding a gym to suit your individual requirements whatever your age or current fitness level, make contact and take the first step.  You will be glad you did!”

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